Monday,23 October, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1365, (19 - 25 October 2017)
Monday,23 October, 2017
Issue 1365, (19 - 25 October 2017)

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Sep 27 2017 11:10AM

Both Israel and the Palestinians will need to make concessions if there is now to be a genuine opportunity for peace, writes Abdel-Moneim Said

Sep 27 2017 11:08AM

President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi’s call for a revived peace process between the Israelis and Palestinians signals that Egypt will spare no effort in furthering peace in the region, writes Hany Ghoraba

Sep 6 2017 12:23PM

The US has adopted an “outside-in” strategy that sets up a regional framework for peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians with the help of the Arab states, writes Hussein Haridy

Sep 6 2017 12:48AM

September will see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict back in focus, with indications strong that an economic solution will be tabled, writes Haitham Ahmed


Aug 16 2017 5:24PM

Palestinian Bedouins in Al-Araqeeb refuse to surrender even after their village has been destroyed 116 times. They represent well the endurance of Palestine and all Palestinians, writes Ramzy Baroud

Aug 1 2017 11:21PM

Israel’s removal of its latest security measures around Al-Aqsa is being hailed as a victory for non-violent resistance. But is this really the case? Amira Howeidy seeks answers

Aug 1 2017 9:40AM

Almost leaderless, Palestinians remain a strong nation, united by an identity founded on the pillars of human rights, resistance and steadfastness, writes Ramzy Baroud

Jul 26 2017 12:02AM

Jul 25 2017 10:34PM

Israeli authorities remove metal detector gates, but will Palestinians accept smart cameras instead? Haiytham Ahmed reports


May 30 2017 8:13PM

The rights of the Palestinians were wholly absent from US President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Israel, writes Ramzy Baroud

May 30 2017 8:12PM

Did US President Donald Trump’s first foreign tour advance the cause of peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis, asks Hussein Haridy

May 16 2017 4:47PM

Donald Trump seems determined to push for a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians, a prospect that frightens the Netanyahu government and Israeli right wing, writes Hussein Haridy

May 9 2017 9:06PM

Seen by some as saving his political position, the visit of Mahmoud Abbas to the White House nonetheless may lay the ground for Trump to propose a deal the Palestinians could never accept

Apr 18 2017 9:03PM

Led by jailed leader Marwan Barghouti, over 1,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails have begun an open-ended hunger strike to improve prison conditions

Apr 11 2017 12:07PM

For Palestinians, 2017 is a year of significant and difficult memories of events that continue to haunt the present, writes Ramzy Baroud

Apr 4 2017 9:24PM

Separate deals with Arab states and isolating the Palestinians is what Israel sees in the Arab Peace Initiative

Mar 28 2017 4:46PM

Defined as a “problem”, Palestinians have for too long been faceless to Americans

Mar 22 2017 10:27AM

Palestinians are disappointed in Abbas’s leadership

Feb 28 2017 10:55PM

With the expansion of Israeli settlements and the developing Trump-Netanyahu relationship, it seems clear that the Palestinian Authority should appeal to the International Criminal Court

Feb 21 2017 11:11PM

Should the Palestinians worry about Trump’s dismissal of the foundation of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

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