Monday,16 July, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1401, (12 - 18 July 2018)
Monday,16 July, 2018
Issue 1401, (12 - 18 July 2018)

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Apr 17 2018 1:38PM

Suez Canal University celebrated its Sixth Environment Week this week, reports Mahmoud Bakr

Feb 14 2018 10:20AM

Egypt’s security forces are fighting a bitter war against terrorism in North Sinai with the full support of the vast majority of the Egyptian people, writes Amina Khairy


Aug 22 2017 9:27PM

The introduction of discounted transit fees through the Suez Canal has been positively received, writes Safeya Mounir

May 2 2017 11:55PM

Mar 28 2017 11:57PM

Environment Week in Suez Canal University tackled mounting pressure on Egypt’s water resources

Mar 15 2017 1:27PM

The Suez Canal Zone is negotiating on various fronts to attract further investment

Feb 21 2017 11:25PM

A report on an EU and OECD initiative providing technical assistance to Egypt’s Suez Canal Economic Zone

Nov 23 2016 12:18AM

The nationalisation of the Suez Canal marked the end of a 200-year war, one that aimed to subjugate Egypt and keep it under permanent colonial control, writes Hossam Issa

Aug 9 2016 9:25PM

This week saw celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the nationalisation of the Suez Canal, an occasion to remind doubters of recent achievements, writes Galal Nassar

Apr 26 2016 9:37PM

A sporting industries city is to be established in the Suez Canal Special Economic Zone, reports Samia Fakhry

Apr 12 2016 8:13PM

A panorama relating Egypt’s military history is to open soon on the banks of the New Suez Canal, reports Nevine El-Aref

Feb 24 2016 1:58AM

An international meeting in Cairo this week highlighted the opportunities and challenges facing the Suez Canal, reports Nesma Nowar

Dec 14 2015 8:52PM

The Suez Canal, following its expansion, once again proved itself to be one of Egypt’s major economic and geopolitical assets this year, writes Niveen Wahish

Dec 9 2015 10:29AM

The development of the Suez Canal was long overdue but returns have so far been disappointing because of the slowdown in global trade, writes Omar El-Shenety

Aug 25 2015 10:18PM

Mai Samih attends a mosaics workshop dedicated to the New Suez Canal at the Russian Cultural Centre in Cairo

Aug 18 2015 11:13PM

Work on the Suez Canal Area Development Project can start rolling out now that the legal framework has been agreed, reports Niveen Wahish

Aug 12 2015 11:57AM

The successful completion of the New Suez Canal has prompted economists to call for the similarly aggressive tackling of other economic problems, writes Niveen Wahish

Aug 12 2015 12:49AM

The performance of a children’s choir at the New Suez Canal ceremony was a major highlight of the event. Inas Mazhar finds out who they are

Aug 12 2015 12:26PM

President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi will promote a development and stability strategy first on three overseas visits, Dina Ezzat reports

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