Monday,19 February, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1381, (15 - 21 February 2018)
Monday,19 February, 2018
Issue 1381, (15 - 21 February 2018)

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Feb 14 2018 12:22PM

Egypt and the US confirmed their commitment to maintain strong ties and cooperation on several bilateral and volatile regional issues, reports Khaled Dawoud


Jan 23 2018 11:43PM

US President Donald Trump was hoping to celebrate his first year in office this week, but instead was bogged down in negotiations with Congress that led to a temporary government shutdown, reports Khaled Dawoud

Jan 17 2018 1:04AM

Although former president Gamal Abdel-Nasser was born 100 years ago, controversy over his record has not faded, writes Khaled Dawoud


Jan 12 2018 6:53PM

Wolff’s Fire and Fury marks the heaviest blow Trump has received since taking office, reports Khaled Dawoud


Dec 12 2017 11:26PM

Donald Trump’s decision to recognise occupied Jerusalem as Israel’s capital reflects the influence of right-wing extremists surrounding the US president, writes Khaled Dawoud

Nov 22 2017 12:07AM

Hizbullah’s Nasrallah ridicules Saudi charges that his Iranian-backed group provided ballistic missiles to Yemen. But this is unlikely to close the matter, reports Khaled Dawoud


Nov 14 2017 9:54PM

The sudden resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri has spurred fears that Lebanon could soon be the theatre of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, writes Khaled Dawoud


Nov 1 2017 12:24AM

Revelations from the Russia investigation have rocked Washington and forced Trump and his team to go on the offensive, reports Khaled Dawoud


Oct 24 2017 10:55PM

Despite whistle stops by US Secretary of State Tillerson in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, an end to the confrontation between Doha and Gulf neighbours plus Egypt is not at hand, writes Khaled Dawoud


Oct 17 2017 9:29PM

By declining to certify Tehran’s compliance, Trump has angered key European allies by threatening to quit the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, reports Khaled Dawoud


Oct 11 2017 1:07AM

Nearly a year after his election, Trump can’t stop picking fights, writes Khaled Dawoud


Oct 4 2017 2:16AM

Saudi Arabia has accepted an “examination”, not inquiry, into human rights abuses in the conduct of its military campaign in Yemen, an outcome not enough for some, reports Khaled Dawoud


Sep 20 2017 2:14AM

Trump used his first appearance at the UN to confirm his commitment to his election pledge of “America First” and sharply attacked North Korea and Iran, reports Khaled Dawoud


Sep 13 2017 12:44AM

Trump’s attempt to mediate a compromise between key Gulf nations, Egypt and Qatar collapsed quickly, opening the door to angry exchanges, reports Khaled Dawoud


Sep 6 2017 12:44AM

Despite worldwide condemnation of North Korea’s latest and most dangerous nuclear test, China and Russia have declared their opposition to sanctions and called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis, reports Khaled Dawoud


Aug 15 2017 11:22PM

Trump’s attempt at damage control following Charlottesville’s ugly clashes might be too little, too late, reports Khaled Dawoud

Aug 1 2017 9:33PM

US President Donald Trump had a terrible week, with the White House in total chaos and ties with Russia reaching new lows, reports Khaled Dawoud


Jul 19 2017 11:25AM

Donald Trump Jr might have provided the smoking gun to prove collusion between Russia and his father’s campaign to defeat his Democratic rival,
reports Khaled Dawoud


Jul 11 2017 11:01PM

Donald Trump’s claim that he took a hard line during the first official meeting with Vladimir Putin on allegations that Russia meddled in the recent US elections collapsed quickly, reports Khaled Dawoud


Jun 21 2017 12:59AM

The unprecedented crisis between Qatar and influential oil-rich neighbours and Egypt seems in deadlock while the Trump administration equivocates, reports Khaled Dawoud

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