Friday,26 April, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1440, (25 April - 1 May 2019)
Friday,26 April, 2019
Issue 1440, (25 April - 1 May 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Amany Maged

Calls to renew religious discourse led to altercations between Al-Azhar, the presidency and the Mini

What approach will Islamists take towards the presidential election? Amany Maged reviews conflicting

Al-Azhar says maintaining Jerusalem’s Arab identity is central to world peace, reports Amany M

Statements of condemnation have been plentiful but there has been little concrete action from the Ar

Amany Maged charts the collapse of a group that was once the dominant force in Egyptian politics

The grand imam of Al-Azhar moves quickly to dampen the controversy provoked by the acting president

Criticism of Al-Azhar for failing to counter extremist thought provokes a furious response from the

Whichever terrorist group carried out the attacks on the Tanta and Alexandria churches, the aim is a

Amany Maged reports on this week’s terrorist attack targeting an Interior Ministry training centre i

Assessing the likelihood of an ideological U-turn by the Muslim Brotherhood

The arrest of seven senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood will undermine the group’s organisation

  • 24-02-2017

Death behind bars

After a lifetime of fatwas justifying terrorism and inciting violence, notorious cleric Omar Abdel-R

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