Monday,10 December, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1421, (6 - 12 December 2018)
Monday,10 December, 2018
Issue 1421, (6 - 12 December 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Nevine El-Aref

Weekly Staff

  • 06-12-2018

Saving the Aragoz

The Aragoz puppet show, Egypt’s oldest and most beloved form of theatre, has been placed on UN

The intact mummy of an 18th-Dynasty woman and the tomb of the overseer of the Mut Temple are among t

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is celebrating its 116th anniversary with a comprehensive redesign, wri

Dozens of mummified cats and meticulously mummified scarab beetles are the latest discoveries to be

Restoration work at the Al-Tunbagha Al-Maridani Mosque in Cairo has started after years of negligenc

Restoration work on the Al-Zaher Baybars Mosque in Cairo has resumed after a seven-year hiatus, repo

  • 25-10-2018

Shining Pharaoh

Abu Simbel’s solar alignment this week coincided with the 50th anniversary of the salvage and

  • 18-10-2018

Praying for peace

Muslims and Christians will be praying together this Friday at St Catherine’s Monastery in Sin

The ancient village of Shali in the Siwa Oasis is to be preserved for future generations to learn fr

The legendary Baron Empain’s Palace in Heliopolis is to open to the public next year after its

The first phase of converting the ancient site of San Al-Hagar in the Delta into an open-air museum

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