Tuesday,18 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1409, (13-19 September 2018)
Tuesday,18 September, 2018
Issue 1409, (13-19 September 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Hussein Haridy

The writer is former assistant to the foreign minister.

While US positions have somewhat firmed up on its engagement in Syria, the question of Bashar Al-Ass

  • 06-09-2018

The last battle

The endgame is in sight for the Syrian Civil War. But after the guns fall silent, the task will stil

The United States and Russia are pushing for a major new alignment of forces in the new Middle East,

  • 16-08-2018

Space Force

Signals are US-Russian relations will only become more fraught and complex in the coming period, put

  • 09-08-2018

A risky summit

Is an American-Iranian presidential summit on the cards? If so, what would each side stand to gain,

The period of Nasser has come in for unprecedented criticism of late. Learning from the past is one

  • 26-07-2018

Summit enigmas

It seems that Israel got from the American-Russian summit the assurances it wanted. The Palestinians

Russia appears to be consolidating its Middle East influence, balancing Iran and Israel while the Un

The advances of the Syrian government, unopposed by Washington, in regaining control over Syrian ter

Trump and Putin are to meet, one-on-one. Each side will have its agenda, but hopes are that Syria wi

The disappointing performance of Arab teams at the World Cup should spur a period of reflection on w

  • 21-06-2018

The morning after

The Sentosa Summit appears to have laid the ground for avoiding a possible nuclear escalation in nor

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