Friday,15 December, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1373, (14 - 20 December 2017)
Friday,15 December, 2017
Issue 1373, (14 - 20 December 2017)

Ahram Weekly

Hussein Haridy

The writer is former assistant to the foreign minister.

Did US President Donald Trump’s first foreign tour advance the cause of peace between the Palestinia

The Riyadh Summit renewed the 72-year-old strategic alliance between the US and Saudi Arabia — one t

Donald Trump seems determined to push for a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians, a pros

A new strategic alignment between the United States and the Middle East region is shaping up. It is

Trump is so far untested as a US president, but may face, via North Korea, one of the gravest threat

The meeting of President Al-Sisi and King Salman marks the welcome opening of a new chapter in Egypt

Tension is heating up in the Korean Peninsula. Washington would do well to be cautious, even if its

Trump’s rash strikes against a Syrian air force base could set Washington on a war path the end of w

Trump wants a new “grand alliance” in the Middle East with Tel Aviv at its centre. It’s an old idea

For 60 years, the European project of integration has secured the peace on the continent, and also b

North Korea is flexing its muscles. In response, it is vital that Washington remains coolheaded and

Around the pivot of Syria, forces are amassing for a strategic face-off that will decide the future

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