Tuesday,17 October, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1364, (12 - 18 October 2017)
Tuesday,17 October, 2017
Issue 1364, (12 - 18 October 2017)

Ahram Weekly

Hussein Haridy

The writer is former assistant to the foreign minister.

Trump wants a new “grand alliance” in the Middle East with Tel Aviv at its centre. It’s an old idea

For 60 years, the European project of integration has secured the peace on the continent, and also b

North Korea is flexing its muscles. In response, it is vital that Washington remains coolheaded and

Around the pivot of Syria, forces are amassing for a strategic face-off that will decide the future

International and regional developments leave no room for equivocation on the part of Arab states. T

Al-Sisi’s upcoming visit to Washington will be a key test of the commitment of the White House under

  • 24-02-2017

Dangerous signals

Netanyahu’s visit to Washington allowed Trump to deliver a message that US policy could shift. But w

Trump — positioning himself as the best ally to Israel in a US president, ever — has called on Binya

  • 10-02-2017

On notice

The Trump administration is ratcheting up the pressure on Iran, with the new US president promising

  • 03-02-2017

The visit

President Al-Sisi looks set to soon visit Washington. It will be a historic opportunity to put US-Eg

Now is the time for Donald Trump to match his words with deeds. But will he, asks Hussein Haridy

While 70 nations gathered in Paris Sunday in support of renewed negotiations between the Israelis an

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