Monday,24 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1410, (20 - 26 September 2018)
Monday,24 September, 2018
Issue 1410, (20 - 26 September 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Dina Ezzat

Weekly Staff

  • 20-09-2018

A for Armenian

With Armenian week on the horizon, Dina Ezzat profiles three prominent members of the Egyptian-Armen

Mohamed Rifaat Al-Imam, Armenians in Egypt (1896-1961), Cairo: Armenian General Benevolent Union, 20

Regional security will top the agenda of the Egyptian delegation to the United Nations General Assem

Asian affairs expert Mohamed Fayez tells Dina Ezzat about China’s ambitions in Africa

Sub-regional alliances will be more and more influential in managing the Middle East in the coming y

Gaza and Yemen emerge as Egypt’s major political and security concern in the weeks leading up

Dina Ezzat speaks to Tawhida Abdel-Ghaffar and Osama Al-Sayed of the Yassin Abdel-Ghaffar Centre for

  • 02-08-2018

Tangled webs

Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping are part and parcel of wider regional power plays, writes Dina Ez

  • 02-08-2018

A shining star

Society and beer — a long story to tell, writes Dina Ezzat

  • 26-07-2018

‘Gaza first’

Egypt presses Hamas to commit to a truce with Israel, and seeks to pave the way for Gaza’s rec

A recent book examines Alexandria’s fabled cosmopolitanism, reviewed by Dina Ezzat

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