Wednesday,23 May, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1394, (17 - 23 May 2018)
Wednesday,23 May, 2018
Issue 1394, (17 - 23 May 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Nesmahar Sayed

Weekly Staff

Nesmahar Sayed looks at how measures to improve the representation of Saudi nationals in the Saudi e

The attitudes of Muslim youth towards religion show optimism, a recent survey reveals, reports Nesma

Humanist and expert

The participants at a conference in Cairo this week underlined Egypt’s continued efforts to at

  • 03-02-2018


Nesmahar Sayed saw Egypt from fantastic angles

Residents of the upscale Cairo district of Zamalek are protesting against preparations for the area&

Many Egyptians remember the 5 June 1967 defeat as one of the worst times of their lives, when Israel

  • 12-05-2017

Save water

Public awareness to save water is being heightened, reports Nesmahar Sayed

The Suez Canal Zone is negotiating on various fronts to attract further investment

  • 03-03-2017

Place of refuge

In Ismailia, Al-Ahram Weekly speaks with families displaced from Arish

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