Monday,27 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1444, (23 - 29 May 2019)
Monday,27 May, 2019
Issue 1444, (23 - 29 May 2019)

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Alaa Abdel-Ghani

Weekly Staff

If all goes well, Mohamed Salah will be selected this year’s best football player in the world

It was a spectacular fall for a team that promised so much but produced so little, writes Alaa Abdel

The prospects of Egypt going to the knockout stage of the World Cup are dim after their second loss,

Every team should feel it has a shot at winning a championship, even if it’s as daunting as th

Did Sergio Ramos intentionally injure Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final? Nobody knows for

There are forces, including Donald Trump, who do not want Morocco to host the 2026 World Cup, writes

Video Assistant Referee will slow football down but will minimise major refereeing blunders, writes

Although the World Cup is almost upon us, the national team coach is still trying to figure out who&

  • 10-03-2018

Don’t push

Winter Olympic champions Norway does not allow children less than 13 to play competitive sports. Ove

It’s either 10,000 steps daily or repeating the same thing 10,000 hours. Take your pick, write

In other countries it’s perfectly normal for women to enter a stadium to watch football but in

Mohamed Salah has fallen behind but there is enough time to conceivably do what no Arab or African p

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