Thursday,21 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1431, (21 - 27 February 2019)
Thursday,21 February, 2019
Issue 1431, (21 - 27 February 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Haitham Ahmed

With international monitors in Hebron expelled, fears are rising among Palestinians that a new round

  • 31-01-2019

All together?

According to Palestinian analysts, Fatah’s recommendation to form a factional government is an

The US is reshuffling priorities on the Middle East to sideline the Palestinians in its support for

Inter-Palestinian reconciliation is back to square one with no progress in sight, writes Haitham Ahm

The defeat of a US draft resolution censuring Palestinian armed resistance, particularly Hamas, has

The departure of Israel’s hawkish Avigdor Lieberman as defence minister has been seen by some

The escalation of violence between Israel’s occupation forces and Palestinian resistance facti

Palestinians are showing new determination to face down Israeli schemes to acquire, by ruse or force

Washington is using financial blackmail against the Palestinians by cutting off aid in its efforts t

With the Israeli public calling for a return to targeted assassinations, and Hamas in Gaza underlini

Palestinian analysts urge caution amid rumours of a truce agreement between Hamas and Israel, seeing

The latest Israeli aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque failed within hours under pressure of Palestini

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