Monday,21 January, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1426, (17 - 23 January 2019)
Monday,21 January, 2019
Issue 1426, (17 - 23 January 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Ahmed Kamel Al-Beheiri

The writer is an expert on terrorism affairs at Al-Ahram political and Strategic center

A major challenge the region may face in 2019 is a rise in the influence of a resurgent Al-Qaeda, wr

While Egypt has firmed up security on its western border, the crisis in Libya sustains border threat

Which groups are being targeted by Comprehensive Operation Sinai and how will they respond? Ahmed Ka

تراجع في استهداف المنشآت الاقتصادية.. أفول في العمق.. وحصار في صحراء سيناء .. يسجلها أحمد كامل البح

While the number of terrorist attacks dramatically decreased in recent years, terrorist tactics have

أحمد كامل البحيري يتساءل: هل يمكن أن تلعب القاهرة دورًا في خلق تيار وطني يسمو فوق الطائقية؟

Ahmed Kamel Al-Beheiri reviews the future of the region between Ankara and Tehran

أحمد كامل البحيري يكتب عن "السوشيال ميديا".. الخطر القادم على الأمن القومي المصري

Social media has become a terrain of unconventional warfare. States must think in non-traditional wa

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