Wednesday,19 December, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1422, (13 - 19 December 2018)
Wednesday,19 December, 2018
Issue 1422, (13 - 19 December 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Safeya Mounir

Multiple trade agreements signed between China and Egypt during President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi&rsquo

  • 30-08-2018

Best investments

Gold, real estate or bank certificates? What are the best investment vehicles for private investors,

Safeya Mounir reports on the implications of the government’s decision to allow rice imports

The Ministry of Housing is moving into the luxury housing market, pushing up the prices of public-se

Safeya Mounir sounds out expert opinion on Egypt’s growing domestic debt

A further increase in the price of gas canisters is a serious matter for those depending on them, re

New increases in water prices are expected just 10 months after the last round of rises, reports Saf

Import tariffs on European cars are to be eliminated, but this is unlikely to lead to cheaper prices

Safeya Mounir looks at the possible fallout of the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal on Egypt

A new law regulating tenders will soon be ratified to increase transparency and decrease corruption

Parliament has approved a new consumer protection law amidst the business community’s fears of

Safeya Mounir gauges interest in Aman life insurance seven weeks after its introduction

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