Monday,20 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1443, (16 - 22 May 2019)
Monday,20 May, 2019
Issue 1443, (16 - 22 May 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Ghada Raafat

The writer is a freelance journalist.

Ghada Raafat listens to plans to make Egyptian electricity consumers’ lives easier

Ghada Raafat reports on plans to connect Egypt and Sudan with electricity

The Minya governorate is taking major steps to process its solid waste into fuel and other products,

Ghada Raafat listens to experts discussing the challenges facing start-ups in Egypt at a recent semi

  • 06-12-2018

Mining demands

Industry experts are eagerly awaiting amendments to Egypt’s 2014 mining law, reports Ghada Raa

Cairo produces more than 1,000 tons of waste per day, prompting experts to look at ways of convertin

Ghada Raafat listens to experts outlining expectations of Egypt’s new consumer protection law

Egypt’s projections for the use of renewable energy sources have been praised by international

This year’s World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report points to deficiencies in Egypt

Egypt says adieu to gas imports, writes Ghada Raafat

Head of the Natural Resources Department at Cairo University’s African Research and Studies In

Ghada Raafat sounds out leading scientist Hani Al-Nokrashy about the best renewable energy solutions

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