Friday,19 October, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1414, (18 - 24 October 2018 )
Friday,19 October, 2018
Issue 1414, (18 - 24 October 2018 )

Ahram Weekly

Manal Lotfy

Trump’s military actions so far appear without a strategic context or plan. It is a dangerous game t

  • 31-03-2017

The long good-bye

Britain has formally started the process by which it will exit the EU. It will not be fast, and it m

European Union leaders face challenges from all directions as the Rome Treaty marks its 60th year

The rise of right wing parties and politicians in Europe has been greatly spurred by prejudice again

From welcoming migrants fleeing war, Germany is now ramping up deportations as the political cost of

Is Europe heading towards a new Eurozone crisis

World leaders recently gathered in Munich to discuss international threats. But for many, the greate

European governments have been looking on attentively as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a

  • 10-02-2017

UK debates Brexit

The UK government’s intention to go ahead with a “hard Brexit” is suicidal, most commentators say

In his first two weeks in office US President Donald Trump has overturned much US policy on the Midd

This year is gearing up to be defining not only in the Middle East region, but in the EU, the US and

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