Thursday,21 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1431, (21 - 27 February 2019)
Thursday,21 February, 2019
Issue 1431, (21 - 27 February 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Haitham Nouri

Whatever the result of the rescheduled presidential elections, Nigeria’s next ruler will be ov

Haitham Nouri examines six decades of Egyptian-African relations

China is by far the strongest player in Africa, writes Haitham Nouri

Developments are inexorably coming to a head in Venezuela in the struggle between President Nicolas

Religious tolerance, not politics, featured high on Pope Francis’ agenda during his first visi

Boko Haram intensifies its attacks hoping to disrupt Nigeria’s presidential elections schedule

While Omar Al-Bashir shuttles between Arab states to gather support for his regime, the people of Su

  • 31-01-2019

Guaidó vs Maduro

Floating atop the largest oil reserves in the world, Venezuela is facing an hour of decision as its

Presidential elections are slated for 18 April in Algeria, but it is not yet certain that sitting Pr

The international community believes the Stockholm Agreement is the only way out of the crisis in Ye

Demonstrations continue in Sudan regardless of minor government concessions. It is the Islamists, ho

Major changes in the government ushered in the new year in Saudi Arabia, including the replacement o

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