Thursday,20 September, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1410, (20 - 26 September 2018)
Thursday,20 September, 2018
Issue 1410, (20 - 26 September 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Salah Nasrawi

Iraqi Kurdistan has voted to break away from the rest of the country, threatening growing animosity

Barzani may win his referendum to take Kurdistan out of Iraq, but will he be able to spare it the ma

Why the long Iranian-US game in Iraq is the key to its future, writes Salah Nasrawi

Peace, stability and the lofty goal of keeping the country together are at stake in next year’

The Islamic State militant group may be on the wane in Iraq and Syria, but in order to defeat global

The countdown to a stand-off over the self-determination of Iraqi Kurdistan has begun and could be b

In seeking to normalise their relations, Iraq and Saudi Arabia recognise it is time to bury bitterne

A closer look at attempts by Iraq’s Shia ruling cliques to ditch sectarian politics reveals th

Corruption and a sect-based system allowing the unfair appropriation of public funds may be leading

As its self-proclaimed caliphate crumbles in Iraq, the focus has shifted to what the Islamic State t

As Mosul is liberated, many people seek to take credit for the victory, writes Salah Nasrawi

Iraq’s Sunni politicians are at last seeking to come together and choose new leadership, write

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