Saturday,19 January, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1426, (17 - 23 January 2019)
Saturday,19 January, 2019
Issue 1426, (17 - 23 January 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Kamel Abdallah

September looks set to be a watershed for Libya as the UN moves to kick-start the country’s po

كامل عبدالله يكتب عن حفتر الذى يغير موقفه من إيطاليا ويرحب بقرار الجنايات الدولية بحق أحد قادة الجيش

Libya’s Haftar continues to cement his authority in Libya following a key visit to Russia, wri

كامل عبدالله يكتب عن التأييد النسائي لـ "السبسي".. واتهام بمخالفة الشريعة.. ودعوة لـ "

A speech this week by Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi calling for greater rights for women has

كامل عبدالله يكتب، الفرقاء يبحثون عن حلفاء من الخارج.. وروما تسابق أوروبا في طرابلس الغرب

The reactivation of a 2008 agreement between Italy and Libya is a subject of controversy among the l

The recent meeting of Libya’s Al-Sarraj and Haftar in Paris, and moves to cement a new constit

كامل عبدالله يكتب عن المشهد الليبي، وبحث حفتر عن "السيطر الكاملة" والخلافات السياسية التى

  • 12-07-2017

After Benghazi

Khalifa Haftar’s declaration of control over Benghazi may open space for more implacable confl

Protests against the government in the northern Rif region of Morocco have continued for the past ei

Military developments on the ground in Libya are outstripping political and diplomatic initiatives,

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