Wednesday,14 November, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1417, (8 - 14 November 2018)
Wednesday,14 November, 2018
Issue 1417, (8 - 14 November 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Bassel Oudat

The US has intervened to save the Kurdish militias in northern Syria, helping them to prepare for fu

The demographic changes undertaken by the Syrian regime, Iranians and Kurds are cynical and politica

The US military strikes in Syria have not furthered a political solution to the crisis, and Russia a

Reports on living conditions of Syrians inside the country are no longer relevant. The biggest dream

Last week’s US air strikes against a Syrian airbase were designed to serve American interests and no

Demographic changes based on sectarian criteria are underway in Syria that carry the seeds of their

Moves on Raqqa by Kurdish forces supported by US air cover are likely designed to carve out a Kurdis

Six hours of militia attacks in the Syrian capital at the weekend have tipped the scales against the

  • 17-03-2017

Endgame Raqqa

Forces of all protagonists to the Syria conflict are amassing around the effective capital of IS — R

The sparse outcomes of this month’s Geneva IV Conference on Syria offer little to build on

Serious doubts hang over the outcomes of the forthcoming Geneva IV Conference on the Syrian crisis a

US President Donald Trump’s positions on Syria have been disparate and sometimes contradictory, hold

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