Sunday,17 February, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1430, (14 - 20 February 2019)
Sunday,17 February, 2019
Issue 1430, (14 - 20 February 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Hussein Haridy

The writer is former assistant to the foreign minister.

The world appears to be witnessing history in the making on the Korean Peninsula. But the optimal ou

  • 21-04-2018

Locked and loaded

Last week’s Western attacks on Syria were meant as a warning that the West is still capable of

US President Donald Trump’s announcement that the US is withdrawing its troops from Syria call

North Korea will need Chinese support in its negotiations with the United States, with China taking

  • 29-03-2018

A US war cabinet

The appointment of John Bolton as US National Security adviser means the US may be much more likely

The sudden departure of Rex Tillerson confirms the pivot of the Trump White House towards a more con

A possible US-North Korea summit will be about much more than simply Pyongyang’s nuclear and b

US-Russian relations have deteriorated markedly, with some speaking of a return to the Cold War. Eve

  • 03-03-2018

No victors

The Security Council has called for a nationwide ceasefire in Syria. The question is whether the pol

Tensions are out in the open between Ankara and Washington, though strategic ties may prevent a full

  • 17-02-2018

F-16 downed

Hussein Haridy analyses the meaning and significance of the recent downing of an Israeli fighter jet

President Trump demonstrated in his State of the Union address — as much in what he didn&rsquo

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