Thursday,24 January, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1427, (24 - 30 January 2019)
Thursday,24 January, 2019
Issue 1427, (24 - 30 January 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Hany Ghoraba

The writer is a political analyst, writer and author of Egypt’s Arab Spring and Winding Road for Democracy.

It is time for the Trump administration to come clean and state which side of the Qatar crisis it st

Despite fighting on multiple fronts in the war on terrorism, Egypt’s Armed Forces continue to

The Qatari regime has been behaving like the havens that harboured pirates in the Caribbean centurie

The outcome of the recent parliamentary elections in Britain may signify that the UK is struggling t

Moves by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain against Qatar signal that its meddling in the inte

The cowardly attack on a bus in Minya only succeeded in steeling the Egyptian state to deal decisive

Last week’s barbaric attack on concert-goers in Manchester was partly the result of years of neglige

While a reformist — Hassan Rouhani — took a second term as Iran’s president, the core of the politic

Supporters of the European Union everywhere are heaving sighs of relief at the landslide election vi

Seething tensions in the Korean Peninsula could spark a conflict that would make World War II seem t

Biased on the liberal side, tainted on the conservative, US news media is facing an unprecedented cr

While Erdogan may imagine he has secured his own dynasty, in truth he has sealed his own fate, write

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