Thursday,23 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1444, (23 - 29 May 2019)
Thursday,23 May, 2019
Issue 1444, (23 - 29 May 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Mohamed Salmawy

  • 21-02-2019

Dubai and Mahfouz

A recent exhibition on Nobel laureates held in Dubai points the way to how Egypt might better value

  • 14-02-2019

Fake news on CIBF

Trump loves to complain about fake news, but it is his political allies who tout some of the worst e

Selective reporting remains a problem in the Western press when it comes to Egypt, writes Mohamed Sa

The seeds of the 1973 victory were laid by the jolt of the 1967 defeat, to which Nasser responded wi

A new book by veteran journalist Mustafa Sami sheds light on the personalities that built one of Egy

Will the impending move of government offices to the New Administrative Capital be an opportunity to

The Palestinian cause may face many challenges, but it is gaining ground amid world public opinion,

Contrary to expectations, the recent government reshuffle in Saudi Arabia has strengthened and not w

  • 13-12-2018

Free in Algeria

Mohamed Salmawy reflects on the life and example of one of Africa’s greatest of all singers, M

Confirmation that early humans existed in North Africa 2.4 million years ago suggests that the whole

While many eyes are set on the upcoming opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza, Tahrir Square&

Western societies underestimate the deceitful lengths to which the Muslim Brotherhood is prepared to

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