Monday,20 May, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1443, (16 - 22 May 2019)
Monday,20 May, 2019
Issue 1443, (16 - 22 May 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Zahi Hawass

Zahi Hawass concludes his series of articles on Brazil with a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Curiti

  • 25-04-2019

Ramses returns

A restored statue of the Pharaoh Ramses II has been re-erected where it belongs in front of the firs

Zahi Hawass continues his account of a recent visit to Brazil

The ancient Egyptian Pharaohs unfailingly capture the imagination of people in Brazil, writes Zahi H

The Getty Conservation Institute has orchestrated the most important archaeological project ever car

The Getty Conservation Institute’s project to conserve and manage the tomb of Tutankhamun came

The ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, better known as Akhenaten and father of the boy king Tuta

Despite the rumours that sometimes still circulate about the Great Pyramids, these wonders of the an

There is no evidence to suggest that the tomb of the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra has been found

Much is known about the family of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyram

People all over the world are still inventing stories about the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx that s

During the ancient Egyptian New Kingdom Egypt was the most powerful and wealthiest empire of the anc

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