Thursday,20 June, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1447, (20 - 26 June 2019)
Thursday,20 June, 2019
Issue 1447, (20 - 26 June 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Tewfick Aclimandos

The writer is a professor of international relations at the Collège de France and a visiting professor at Cairo University.

On almost all regional issues former US president Barack Obama failed to deliver, but he did contrib

  • 13-01-2018

On alliances

A recent article in the US press criticising Egypt as an ally revealed some typical American disinge

The new leader of France’s mainstream right will have major problems trying to convince the co

All the European countries have distanced themselves from the decision by US President Donald Trump

All sides in the debates on Islam in France have expressed legitimate concerns, and some are proposi

The reaction of the Western media to last week’s attack in Sinai has revealed a depressingly f

While conspiracy theories flourish in almost every culture, only in a few do they dominate the polit

It is better to have a bad debate than no debate at all, writes Tewfick Aclimandos

What is the proper relationship between the passions and reason in politics, asks Tewfick Aclimandos

As the world globalises and becomes more complex, leaders are spurred, ironically, to fall back on c

Aiming at zero-risk foreign policy is a very risky choice, as the record of former US president Bara

In the mid-1980s, some Western scholars were worried about re-Islamisation in the Arab world, someth

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