Sunday,20 January, 2019
Current issue | Issue 1426, (17 - 23 January 2019)
Sunday,20 January, 2019
Issue 1426, (17 - 23 January 2019)

Ahram Weekly

Ahmed Eleiba

Weekly Staff

Ahmed Eleiba reports on the arrival of a new French corvette

  • 27-09-2017

Faisal 11 ends

Egyptian and Saudi manoeuvres are completed successfully, reports Ahmed Eleiba

Cairo’s efforts to reconcile Palestinian factions finally bear fruit, writes Ahmed Eleiba

  • 20-09-2017

China in Malawi

To mark the holding of the Lilongwe Conference, Ahmed Eleiba spoke to Egyptian Ambassador to Malawi

Hamas talks in Cairo are close to a breakthrough, writes Ahmed Eleiba

أحمد عليبة يكشف عن ثلاثة سيناريوهات "مفتوحة" في العاصمة اليمنية بعد تظاهرات المؤتمر

  • 06-09-2017

Bright Star

Yemen’s political scene continues to rest on a knife’s edge, with a significant change b

أحمد عليبة يرصد المعضلات بين المشهدين الفلسطيني والإسرائيلي والموقف الأمريكي.. وسر "صفقة القرن

  • 16-08-2017

Aerial manoeuvres

Ahmed Eleiba on the latest Egyptian-Kuwaiti military manoeuvres

Washington has dispatched not one but two envoys to the Middle East. Ahmed Eleiba assesses current p

Egypt receives a second German submarine, reports Ahmed Eleiba

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