Tuesday,17 October, 2017
Current issue | Issue 1364, (12 - 18 October 2017)
Tuesday,17 October, 2017
Issue 1364, (12 - 18 October 2017)

Ahram Weekly

Dina Ezzat

Weekly Staff

Although still out of the reach of many people, yoga has been finding more and more followers in Egy

A ballerina’s life is by no means an easy one, as former Cairo Opera Ballet ballerina and ball

Ahead of a scheduled Arab meeting on Qatar, Trump is sending his secretary of state to the region,

In the closing days of Ramadan it is time to visit the Cairo district of Al-Hussein, once the home o

Dina Ezzat on Cairo’s efforts to maintain relations with Europe

With its fading architectural beauty and elusive spiritual splendour, the Al-Sayeda Zeinab neighbour

Cairo is moving on multiple fronts to confront security risks, most dramatically by severing relatio

  • 08-06-2017

A time for dates

The dates market takes place all this month at the Road Al-Farag Market by the banks of the Nile in

  • 02-06-2017

A world of spices

Strong smells and eye-catching piles of colourful spices fill the Tarbiaat Al-Attarin, the spice-sel

Donald Trump danced with a sword, sold arms, made threats and promised peace — all in one Middle Eas

Colourful lanterns announce the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, as writer Dina Ezzat and photog

  • 05-05-2017

The aid factor

Dina Ezzat examines how Cairo and Washington view one another 100 days into the Donald Trump adminis

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