Wednesday,19 December, 2018
Current issue | Issue 1422, (13 - 19 December 2018)
Wednesday,19 December, 2018
Issue 1422, (13 - 19 December 2018)

Ahram Weekly

Niveen Wahish

The results of Egypt’s 2017 census expose where government priorities should lie, writes Nivee

  • 27-09-2017

New energy ties

Egypt, Greece and Cyprus have the potential to become strong energy partners, reports Niveen Wahish

Hopes are being pinned on the private sector’s ability to revamp Egypt’s railways, repor

Director of the Economics Department at the European Investment Bank Debora Revoltella spoke to Nive

  • 27-09-2017

Going natural

Interest in plant-based diets is on the rise in Egypt, says Niveen Wahish

  • 06-09-2017

Building BRICS

This week’s ninth BRICS Summit offered Egypt an opportunity to showcase its economic reforms,

Efforts to boost investment are continuing despite Egypt’s missing a credit ratings upgrade, w

Niveen Wahish finds out what the WTO’s new Trade Facilitation Agreement could mean for Egypt

The government is determinedly pursuing its economic reform programme, but it has yet to impress tho

  • 15-06-2017

Leading IPOs

Ashraf Ghazaly, CEO and managing director of NI Capital, explains to Niveen Wahish the wisdom behind

Egypt must intensify its efforts to slow down its population growth, former minister of population H

Egypt has reverted to the international markets once again for financing, writes Niveen Wahish

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