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4 -10 April 2002
Issue No.580
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Palestine CRUCIFIED AGAIN: The Church of the Nativity, in Jesus's birthplace of Bethlehem, shrouded in smoke from Israeli bombardment of the Mosque of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab --read on--

'We are rooted here'
Israel's onslaught against West Bank towns is growing in ferocity, reports Khaled Dawoud from Ramallah

Cairo acts
"EGYPT will halt all communications with Israel, except diplomatic channels that serve the Palestinian cause," was the announcement made yesterday after a cabinet meeting headed by President Hosni Mubarak, reports Nevine Khalil.

Solidarity under siege
As the Israeli army occupies Bethlehem and international opposition to the war on the Palestinians takes to the streets, some protestors have gone a step further. They spoke to Pascale Ghazaleh from behind the barricades


Ahmed MaherPondering the next step
Warning, in the strongest terms, against Sharon's "insane" offensive against the Palestinian leadership and people, Cairo is keeping other options open. Soha Abdelaty reports

Cairo UniversitySolidarity
A massive popular outburst against Israel's brutal invasion of the Palestinian territories is sending a powerful message of solidarity to the Palestinians, and other messages closer to home. Amira Howeidy recounts the story of an unusual week on Egyptian streets


Edward Said:
Thinking ahead
Ibrahim Nafie:
The object? To destroy
Nayef Hawatmeh:
Whispers to shouts
Hani Shukrallah:
Why the blindfolds?
Gamil Mattar:
This way and that


Egyptians expressing their outrage at Israel's brutal invasion of Palestinian territories..
-- photo caption --


Scenes of horror and defiance

Murdering Arafat
What folly has beset this people? Uri Avnery remembers the Romans

Sharon's war plans

Israel's offensive in the West Bank is the most extensive in 34 years of occupation. But what are its aims? Graham Usher in Jerusalem finds a campaign drenched in ambiguity

No room at the morgue
Israel's army destroyed Ramallah and murdered scores of Palestinians in cold blood. Khaled Dawoud reports from the occupied city

They are Nazis, Nazis, Nazis'
As Israeli tanks roll once again into West Bank towns, the Palestinians retaliate with more bombs and the monthly death toll for Israeli hits new heights. Khaled Amayreh reports from occupied Jerusalem

What Arab reaction?
Israel's "response" to the Arab peace initiative has painted Arab capitals into a corner. Dina Ezzat reports

Voices from Ramallah
RamallahThe same message echoes over and over: please, help us. There have been many massacres, and it has sometimes been possible to say we did not know what atrocities were being committed until it was too late. This time, voices are ringing out, with increasing desperation: please, do something. The massacre is underway. On the Internet and in the print press, the testimonies circulate. The story is one of devastation; and worse is to come. At Al-Ahram Weekly, we feel it is our responsibility to provide these voices with a platform -- so it will not be possible to say we did not know

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Law of the jungle
Differences once more have emerged among Western allies with Washington seeking the death penalty for a terrorist suspect and Paris counselling restraint, writes Anayat Durrani

Wind of change
The recent massive demonstrations in Rome were almost unprecedented in scope. Nadine Feyder on how they brought together Italy's political Left and may yet bring Berlusconi down

Unpaid dues
The question of reparations has finally been brought before America's courts. Gamal Nkrumah examines the implications

What price Saddam?
As the US ponders an Iraq attack, the Egyptian economy is already feeling the pinch. Jasper Thornton looks at the dangers

Mohamed Nosseir
Going it alone

As global and domestic conditions bring business to a difficult pass, Mohamed Nosseir speaks to Aziza Sami about plans for the future
Gamal Bayoumi
Gamal Bayoumi:
Working order
Profile by Niveen Wahish
Pot Pourri
Q and A
By Fayza Hassan Restaurant review
Human resources
Injy El-Kashef springs to life


>i< An all-inclusive guide to goings on around Cairo >i<

An incurable malady: hope
In the midst of atrocities committed by the Israeli army in occupied Palestine, and in the face of the world's seeming indifference, voices of international conscience have been speaking out --read on--

'That weasel word'
Tom PaulinAs an increasing number of intellectuals speak out against the Israeli onslaught in Palestine, very few have broken the conspiracy of silence in Britain. In Oxford, Omayma Abdel-Latif meets the Irish poet Tom Paulin


e-e-e-e-e!The fizzle fades
The Web was once everything new, everything wild, and everything you could have ever imagined. But, as Yasmine El-Rashidi discovers, in reality it was an era that never quite came, and has not quite left

CNN Arabic


Diary of an Egyptian in Ramallah:
Amr Shalakany Nearly two years ago, Amr Shalakany received his PhD from Harvard Law School. He did not, however, return home, where a lecturer's post was waiting for him at Cairo University. Neither did he stay at the London-based corporate law firm that offered him a job upon finishing his degree. Instead, he went to Palestine. In some small way, he wanted to help. He arrived in Ramallah in early September 2000. He remains there. Below are extracts from his diary, the last entry received by Al-Ahram Weekly is dated 14 March


The art of faking it
For those suffering from Egyptomania, the Centre for Reviving Ancient Egyptian Art offers high quality replicas of Pharaonic antiquities, writes Reham El-Adawi

In search of emeralds
Not all early travellers were antiquarians, but the lives of many became inextricably bound to Egypt, writes Jill Kamil

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