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4 -10 April 2002
Issue No.580
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No room at the morgue
Israel's army destroyed Ramallah and murdered scores of Palestinians in cold blood. Khaled Dawoud reports from the occupied city

Common burialThey are
Nazis, Nazis, Nazis'

As Israeli tanks roll once again into West Bank towns, the Palestinians retaliate with more bombs and the monthly death toll for Israeli hits new heights. Khaled Amayreh reports from occupied Jerusalem

Murdering Arafat
What folly has beset this people? Uri Avnery remembers the Romans

Sharon's war plans
Israel's offensive in the West Bank is the most extensive in 34 years of occupation. But what are its aims? Graham Usher in Jerusalem finds a campaign drenched in ambiguity

What Arab reaction?
Israel's "response" to the Arab peace initiative has painted Arab capitals into a corner. Dina Ezzat reports

Seeking engagement
The US reaction to the Israeli incursion in Ramallah raises many questions about President Bush's intentions towards the occupied territories. Thomas Gorguissian reports from Washington

European alarm
Washington's green light to the Israeli incursions could exacerbate the growing rift between the Bush administration and Europe, report Michael Jansen and Iason Athanasiadis

Nazareth eyes on Ramallah
Land Day was transformed this year from a protest against Israel's confiscation of Palestinian land into demonstrations in support of Arafat and against the military assault on his people. Jonathan Cook writes from Nazareth

Myths set in concrete
The 26th anniversary of Land Day last week underscored the very roots of the 54-year-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict, writes Amira Howeidy

RamallahVoices from Ramallah
The same message echoes over and over: please, help us. There have been many massacres, and it has sometimes been possible to say we did not know what atrocities were being committed until it was too late. This time, voices are ringing out, with increasing desperation: please, do something. The massacre is underway. On the Internet and in the print press, the testimonies circulate. The story is one of devastation; and worse is to come. At Al-Ahram Weekly, we feel it is our responsibility to provide these voices with a platform -- so it will not be possible to say we did not know

Before it is too late
We, the undersigned, believe that a full-scale Israeli offensive throughout the occupied Palestinian territories (OPT) is imminent and that such an unprecedented attack demands from global civil society an unprecedented response -- read on--

Scenes of horror and defiance
Arafat "seeking martyrdom"; Ramallah families mourn their dead at a funeral, on Tuesday
--photo caption--

in Brazilia; in Rome, where Jewish Italians hoisted a banner declaring: "Jews against the occupation; in Washington; in Ramallah itself
--photo caption--

Tens of thousands of Egyptians were hitting the streets daily this week, expressing their outrage at Israel's brutal invasion of Palestinian territories and solidarity with the Palestinians' determined struggle for independence
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