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11 - 17 April 2002
Issue No.581
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A journalist's perspective
Khaled Dawoud, back from occupied and devastated Ramallah, recalls the horror

Blocking humanitarian aid
A week of protests and attempts to bring humanitarian aid to besieged cities in the West Bank led to violent Arab-Israeli clashes. Jonathan Cook reports from Jerusalem

Who counts the numbers of "dead Arabs"?
What withdrawals? Khaled Amayreh, in Nablus, reports on the Israeli army's orgy of killing

Ghost town Bethlehem

Not only Bethlehem but also Beit Jala and Beit Sahour have been transformed into ghost towns where the only sign of life is the garbage piling up on the streets. Michael Jansen reports from the West Bank

Strong assertions, little action
An Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo last week failed to send a strong message to Israel, report Dina Ezzat and Soha Abdelaty

Payback time
The Jewish and Turkish lobbies in the US wasted no time in responding to Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit's criticism of Israel. Gareth Jenkins reports from Ankara

Break the mirror now

Ilan Pappe warns that we are running out of time

There is a way out
Sam Bahour and Michael Dahan search for the exit

The hawk's last cry
Sharon has responded to a groundbreaking Arab initiative by lashing out at Arafat, but he is the one in trouble, argues Abdel-Qader Yassin

Angry streets
Demonstrations against Israel's assault on the Palestinians have continued to sweep the Arab world this week. Rasha Saad reports on popular outrage

Better late than never
Not only did Powell show up in the region almost two weeks into the Israeli invasion of the Palestinian territories but he is not to actually make it to Israel until tomorrow. Anayat Durrani in Washington on a confounding US policy

More than words
Editorials from around the world are brimming with sympathy for the Palestinians, but what is really needed is action, writes Gamal Nkrumah

Eyewitnesses to 'pure horror'
Three British peace activists, who spent last week under siege in Ramallah, spoke to Omayma Abdel-Latif about Israel's war of terror

From Ramallah to Yorkshire

Mukul Devichand spoke to the leaders of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Britain about their success in bringing the Palestinian plight to public attention

Europe sits it out
Seething European Union diplomats were shown the door at the beginning of the week by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Iason Athanasiadis on the week when EU foreign policy took a back seat

Globalising morality
Amr Elchoubaki pays tribute to those who reject oppression everywhere

Voices from the siege
The same message echoes over and over: please, help us. There have been many massacres, and it has sometimes been possible to say we did not know what atrocities were being committed until it was too late. This time, voices are ringing out, with increasing desperation: please, do something. The massacre is underway.. --read on--

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