Al-Ahram Weekly Online   20 - 26 March 2003
Issue No. 630
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Preemptive whims
The US government is aiming at a nuclear 'strike-first policy' which could be directed against any potential adversary, writes Aziza Sami

Angling for Bin Laden
In the face of growing public sympathy with Iraq, the Pakistani authorities step up their search for renegade Al-Qa'eda elements, reports Iffat Idris from Islamabad

A necessary evil?
Turkish Cypriots poison relations between Turkey and Europe in the short-run, but in the longer term, they might prompt Turkey to pull out of Cyprus, reports Michael Jansen from Nicosia

Hedging their bets
British Prime Minister Tony Blair faces cabinet opposition on war with Iraq that could well end in "regime change" in Britain, writes James Corbett in London

A death foretold
Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic's assassination last week might have surprised the West, but not his fellow citizens. Adisa Busuladzic reports from Belgrade

Dividends of war
The US holds all the trumps, yet the market gains of war remain uncertain, writes Faiza Rady

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