Al-Ahram Weekly Online   20 - 26 March 2003
Issue No. 630
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Joining hands
Can war become the crucible for more progressive alliances, asks Anouar Abdel-Malik

The demise of the UN
Mohamed Sid-Ahmed wonders whether Bush's unilateral decision to go to war has dealt the death blow to the United Nations

Americans as sitting ducks
The imminent US military occupation of Iraq is an invitation to Al-Qa'eda militants. Diaa Rashwan ponders a significant, if little discussed, fallout of invasion

Misleading roads
The US has just brushed off its roadmap for Palestine, but somehow made its initiative conditional on the war against Iraq. Azmi Bishara read the map and found its lines rather blurry

Shock and awe showbiz
Despondent and unable to get teary-eyed at the sight of the Star-Spangled Banner, M Shahid Alam proposes a scheme that will persuade Iraqis to enjoy the war against them

Incomprehensible destruction
The doctrine of Shock and Awe, adopted by the US in its impending invasion of Iraq is inspired by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sandy Tolan reveals the horror we are about to see

The Israeli connection
Israel's needs lie at the heart of the American/British war on Iraq, writes Mostafa El-Feki

Welcome to Tombstone!
In those days of talk of chemical and biological weapons, Haim Bersheeth remembers an American 'hero' of the past: General Amherst and his smallpox-infested blankets

Baghdad: another Hiroshima?
Hassan Abu-Taleb ponders the horrors of war after making a timely visit to the memorial in Hiroshima

Cartoon by Gomaa

Gross miscalculations
Washington will embark on its military invasion of Iraq with no legal backing, and in the face of massive international opposition...

Close up
Tragic farce
While Bush, Blair and Aznar met in the Azores to present a final ultimatum to the Security Council, Israeli bulldozers were in the process of crushing a 23- year-old American girl to death as she tried to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian house.
By Salama A Salama

Trampling due process
It is usual that national leaders, when they announce war, do so having secured the support of their people...
By Amr El-Choubaki

The West and us
At the present time, with the American-British orientation embodying Western arrogance, it may seem as though the West is an indelible foe -- or, at least, that we have a problematic relationship with the West.
By Naguib Mahfouz

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